Saturday, April 18, 2009

Free Download #4

This week's free download is: "Music for the Seemingly Abnormal Apology Upon Receiving Bad News About the Person You're Apologizing To"

This mp3 can be downloaded from:

Style: Alternative

Description: Witness an oddity in music - a composition where it probably takes longer to read the title than it does to listen to the song itself!


Kaynil said...

I really like this track, I don't know how it reched me back then, but I've been looking for it.

Where could I purchase the album that contains it? and what is called said album?

I'll be really grateful to however takees the time to let me know.

ChemicalReaper said...

Actually, this track isn't from any album.

I'm hoping to get future music on iTunes or something (which might happen), but for now there's no way for me to sell my music.

To get the latest news and updates, you can join my Facebook group (if you have a Facebook account):!/pages/JS-Graham/273043735448

Kaynil said...

Will definitely do so. Thanks a lot for clearing it out for me.